Rumors Debunked on BTC and ETH Futures ETF on Hong Kong Exchange

There has been false news on HSBC's Bitcoin and Ethereum Futures ETF.

Crypto ETFs are in the heat along with a lot of rumours. There has been some confusion around Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF which is supposedly launched by HSBC Bank. I have investigated the matter and found no evidence of such ETFs till now.

However, there were crypto ETFs present from CSOP Asset Management Limited.

A single tweet by Colin Wu has been shared around whose stock codes show CSOP’s Bitcoin and Ethereum Futures ETF.

CSOP’s Bitcoin and Ethereum Futures ETFs Launched in Dec 2022

Bitcoin and Ethereum Futures ETF were launched on Dec 16, 2022, by CSOP Asset Management Limited. The Bitcoin Futures ETF is worth $31 Million while the Ethereum Futures ETF is worth $10.7 Million as of today.

If you take a closer look, you can see the launch dates for Bitcoin Futures ETF(3066) and Ethereum Futures ETF(3068) which was December 16, 2022. Also, note the name FA CSOP BTC and FA CSOP ETH on Colin Wu’s Twitter too.

CSOP AMC's Bitcoin Futures ETF
CSOP AMC’s Bitcoin Futures ETF
CSOP AMC's Ether Futures ETF
CSOP AMC’s Ether Futures ETF

Debunking HSBC ETF Rumour

There are rumors by crypto journalist Colin Wu, that HSBC is launching Bitcoin and Futures ETF. However, we could not verify the news.

Interestingly the images shared by Colin Wu’s Twitter Account Wu Blockchain show CSOP Asset Management’s Bitcoin Futures ETF which was launched on 16 December 2022. You can see their stock codes which state they were CSOP Asset Management Company and HSBC has not been mentioned in any one of them.

FA CSOP BTC (3066) for Bitcoin Futures ETF.

FA CSOP ETH (3068) for Ethereum Futures ETF.

Dhirendra Chandra Das
Dhirendra Chandra Das

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