EDX Markets: Traditional Finance Players Venture into Crypto

EDX is a investment marketplace for institutional investors. Currently, it offers trading with only four cryptocurrencies.

EDX is a investment marketplace for institutional investors. It is basically an exchange but only for institutions. However, EDX has no SEC approval yet.

It is backed by some well known financial and investment management firms such as Charles Schwab, Sequoia, Fidelity Investments, Paradigm, Citadel Securities and a few others.


It aims to act as an intermediary for crypto-native companies and traditional companies into the world of digital assets. Currently, it offers trading with only four cryptocurrencies,

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash

Currently, it claims that its knowledge of traditional markets would help it become one of the safest platforms for crypto investors.

Interestingly, EDX will not be the custodian for the cryptocurrencies and other digital assets purchased on its platform and would rely on third-party custodians.

EDX would benefit in an environment where SEC and its equivalent in other countries are increasing crackdown on crypto exchanges for failing to distinguish their exchange, custodial, market-making, trading and other parts of their business.

EDX Staff

The CEO of EDX is Jamil Nazarali who has earlier served as the Global Head of Business Development of Citadel Securities.

David Forman is its General Counsel and has earlier worked at Citadel Securities.

Tony Acuña is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and has experience in working as Director of Software Engineering in CME Group. He has also served at ErisX by CBOE Digital.

Jeanine Hightower-Sellito is its Chief Commercial of Strategy Officer and has earlier experience in fintech (ATOMYZE LLC), institutional finance (Digital Prime Technologies), etc.

Chris Tyrell is the Chief Compliance Officer and has earlier served as the Head of Americas Compliance at Blockchain.com.

Dhirendra Chandra Das
Dhirendra Chandra Das

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