Mirage: A Cutting Edge Social Metaverse Powered by AI and Blockchain

Mirage is a next generation blockchain-based social media platform that has unique features such as AI Assistants, NFTs and Digital Asset-based rewards.

Mirage is a next generation blockchain-based social interaction platform that has unique features such as AI Assistants, NFTs and Digital Asset-based rewards. It also brings a decentralized metaverse that aims to give control users over their data along with a good number of token rewards.

Mirage basically addresses the four issues with traditional social media, i.e., privacy risks, censorship, algorithm bias and control of data.

What’s Unique With Mirage?

No social metaverse nor any social media platform offers as much as features as Mirage. Now that both Facebook and Disney have pulled out of its metaverse program, that leaves virtually no tough competition for Mirage.

Mirage offers the following with its social metaverse with a state of the art touch.

Ensuring a Top Notch User Experience

AI Assistants

Gone are the days when you would just encounter a bland AI assistant which just pops up to disturb you.

Mirage offers a unique interactive AI experience that seeks to answer every problem faced by the user.

The AI will also assist the user to generate cool captions and even generate custom status.


5 Ways to Assess an NFT's Value

Mirage will extensively feature the usage of “utility NFTs” to access avatars, in-metaverse assets and various other features. The platform will also feature NFT minting and a marketplace which will answer to the needs of every user.

Crypto Rewards

Being built on the true principles of decentralization, Mirage will offer widest control over personal data to its users. People who will remain active on the platform by sharing posts, images and videos, will receive “crypto rewards” for their engagement.

A portion of platform revenue will also be shared with them.

Freemium Model

Mirage understand that not everyone is willing to pay to use the platform. Therefore, the platform has decided in favour of a freemium model where users can use the platform for free (limited features) or choose to pay to use it.

Though the cost of the plans are not yet known, we feel it will be within reasonable limits.

All users will receive customer support for quick resolution of their issues, if any.

About The Founders

Palak Bhatt, co-founder, is a blockchain expert with a certificate from IIT Kanpur. Palak understands how blockchain can transform social media and has endeavored to address the pressing issues of the current social interactions over the internet.

Raunak Bhatt, co-founder, is a visionary entrepreneur and has been active in the world of Web3 since 2017. With his experience, he aims to build a media platform that fulfils the need of a crypto-native social media platform.

Dhirendra Chandra Das
Dhirendra Chandra Das

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