Where to Buy NFTs in Malaysia? Kraken and NFT Pangolin

List of top crypto exchanges for buying NFTs in Malaysia.

Malaysia might be one of the strictest regulators of crypto and NFTs but that doesn’t deter crypto lovers from buying what they want. I have provided a list of 5 exchanges which sell NFTs in Malaysia.

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Top NFT Exchanges in Malaysia

1. Kraken

Kraken is one of the oldest crypto exchanges selling a wide range of crypto related services. I have been using Kraken since 2021 and have one of the smoothest buying experiences. Kraken offers full services for crypto users even in one of the strictest regulated countries like Malaysia and the below is a screenshot of the signup page.

2. NFT Pangolin

NFT Pangolin is a regional NFT marketplace that operates in Malaysia together with MyEG Berhat, a government service portal in Malaysia.

The benefit of using NFT pangolin is its indirect collaboration with the Malaysian regulators via MyEG. Therefore my experience indicates that there is a relative safety from non-compliance issued or getting abruptly banned.

How to buy NFTs on Zetrix?

  • To buy NFTs from NFT Pangolin, you need a Zetrix wallet.
  • Once done, top up your wallet with some crypto and convert it into ZTX.
  • You can buy NFTs instantly or through bidding.

For selling NFTs on the Zetrix platform, you need to:

  1. Click on you profile icon.
  2. Select My Collections.
  3. Upload your image which you wish to sell as NFT.
  4. Fill details such as price, percentage fees, and how you would like to receive payment.
  5. Click on create button and your NFT will be live.
  6. Then click on put on sale to list the item in the marketplace.

Why it is the right time to buy NFTs?

NFT markets are recovering slowly and are soon expected to reach pre-crypto winter levels within a couple of months. The below chart from Dune Analytics show the current recovery of NFT markets at the bottom-right corner.

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