Can Convalexa Astrology Ensure Success for New Crypto Traders in 2024?

Crypto Trading always need a bit of luck to succeed and chanting "convalexa" for good astrological benefits has been a core belief of many crypto traders.

Crypto Trading always need a bit of luck to succeed and chanting “convalexa” for good astrological benefits has been a core belief of many crypto traders like Maren Altman.

I have added two real life experiences where I have seen how luck and astrology works in crypto trading. One of them is from Maren Altman and the other is my own which I gained after viewing several new and seasoned traders.

Convalexa Astrology for Crypto Traders

Convalexa is believed to attract wealth and hidden sources of money.

For crypto traders, especially those who are trading with high amount of leverage, using some kind of astrological mantra seeks to benefit them directly as these mantras help in a subconscious way.

The term Convalexa, has its roots in Western Astrology especially in Italian Astrology. It means a continuous recovery from something negative (money wise). Supposedly, it has originated from the word ‘convalesce”.

Convalexa can be chanted by anyone and as per Dr. Sakshi Sanjeev Thakur, it gives you access to instant wealth. It can be chanted like about 50 times a day or whenever you can. There is no specific time.

Astro-based Trading in Crypto and DeFi

Recently, a major trader Maren Altman was revealed to use astrological methods as a part of her crypto trading strategies. Maren has a huge popularity on social media due to her actions on bridging crypto trading with astrology. She has 1.4 million followers on TikTok, 200k on YouTube and 237k on Twitter.

Maren Altman, Source CoinDesk
Maren Altman, Source CoinDesk

However, Maren does not solely rely on astrological predictions but uses them to align her Technical Analysis.

“I’m very clear about it being correlation, not causation.”

Maren Altman

For Technical Analysis, Maren uses:

  • Support and Resistance
  • Moving Averages

Luck Component in Crypto Trading

Though many users disregard luck in terms of crypto trading but it plays a lot of role in saving or destroying your crypto portfolio. This is especially true as per my experience. I have witnessed several traders either kissing or blaming their luck for their crypto trading.

This happens because in the case of novice traders, luck plays a major role in deciding many things such as your state of mind, if you remember all the chart patterns, indicators, etc. Further, it is only due to luck that small traders survive markets to be experienced ones.


How can astrology be used in cryptocurrency daily trading?

Those who use astrology like Maren Altman show that they can give predictions based on the phase of the moon, the alignment of planets and also the houses in your horoscope.

What is the connection between astrology and cryptocurrency prices?

Cryptocurrency prices and astrology both work in patterns and we have all seen how chart patterns are repeated in crypto. Such repeated patterns are also seen in astrology and therefore act as a common aspect of crypto prices and astrology.

Is there any relation between crypto trading and astrology?

Yes, many astrologers have done quite well in terms of crypto trading but they do not rely solely on astro. Rather, they use it to confirm when taking a big or a major trade.

Dhirendra Chandra Das
Dhirendra Chandra Das

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